Why Us ?

As everyone involved in the software development business, time to time we were facing some troubles with hiring. We were fed up with the situation when you have to pay huge fees and spend many hours on interviews to find a good programmer. So, we've designed Benchie - a service to find and offer software developers in a few clicks.

We save your money

Our users don't pay their programmers in vain because they always have enough offers. Find both part-time and full-time projects as the developers becoming free to optimize your business processes. Benchie provides this opportunity to you!

Hiring 'benchied' developers are less expensive in most cases because they are looking for a fast offer and ready work with lower rates. On the other hand, we list only verified professionals with approved skills instead of doubtful freelancers. So, you save without risk.

We are transparent

We don't take any fees in addition to the existing tariffs. Buy a package or pay for contact and use all the Benchie's functionality. If you hire a developer with $25 hourly rate for a full-time project you pay up to $50 instead of traditional 10% which is $420. If you buy a package you pay from $100 to $500 for unlimited hiring during the month.

We don't interrupt your negotiations and don't limit your access to contacts. We provide you all available tools in the one place and never slow your hiring process.

We save your time

Benchie introduces you only the right people regardless you're hiring or offering developers. It means, your needs are fulfilled as fast as possible because both sides are interested to make a deal immediately. Usually, it takes up to 3 days to hire a developer with Benchie. Sometimes, it takes less than one day!

We help you to grow

Promote your experts to the top positions! Top experts receive better offers and take less time to be hired. Promotion is included in our packages Enterprise and Ultimate