How Does It Work ?

In the beginning, we've set two goals: this new hiring platform should be easy to use and transparent. That's why here comes a simple tool which allows you both to hire developers and find projects for them in one place.

As soon as you've done a simple registration, you can both add and find experts. To make this process easy and fast, we've included numerous filters!

Then, you chose one of the available developers who meet your expectations and start to negotiate. You can also create a list of the favorite developers with which you have successfully worked or just want to work further.
It's easy!

How To Offer Experts

The case: you have successfully delivered another project and some of your teammates have nothing to do. So, you have to list them as candidates and start to receive offers.

Specify your candidates' skills, experience, rates, and availability, compose a good Summary, tell about unique skills and experience, upload a CV, and of course, promote them as top candidates.
And get ready to receive offers!

How Does it Cost?

We've faced that it's very expensive to hire a software developer because of high fees or the lack of transparency leading to hidden payments. Anyway, it's unacceptable if we are talking about modern hiring service. That's why Benchie has clean and easy pricing policy.

You can work with Bencie in two ways: pay per contact or buy a package. It was made to offer you safe and flexible conditions which can meet every business requirements instead of tricky and complicated ones by other hiring services.

Pay for Contact

If you need to enforce your development team with one or two programmers and don't want to cause a long-term hiring campaign, just select them, pay $50 for top-grade or $30 for basic expert and start your work as soon as possible!

Benchie doesn't take any additional payments and doesn't impact your negotiations. You pay only once and receive contacts forever!



$100 / month
  • 10 Basic contacts
  • 3 Top contacts
  • 24 / 7 support


$300 / month
  • 30 Basic contacts
  • 10 Top contacts
  • Promote 3 of Your Benchied to Top
  • 24 / 7 support


$500 / month
  • 50 Basic contacts
  • 20 Top contacts
  • Promote 10 of Your Benchied to Top
  • 24 / 7 support

We hope you are already using Benchie, getting valuable proposals and hiring top-notch developers. But if you are only planning to start, don't hesitate to ask us for help. Let's fuel your business right now!

If you face that hired developer provided you with false information about the skills or expertise, please, let us know. We will return the payment for this contact.